Empowerment means different things to different people, but any woman will agree that leaving a toxic or bad situation is one of the most empowering things anyone can do. “Waiting For That Heartache”, a brand-new single by Christine Petts, proclaims precisely that – it is tongue-in-cheek country rock ballad about a woman leaving her cheating boyfriend. 

The inspiration for the song, penned by the skilled songwriter herself, was to offer a different take on heartbreak. There are too many songs about heartbreak and mourning lost love,” she explains. Waiting For That Heartache” is a kick-you-out-the-door take on breaking up. I like the strength of character portrayed by the woman in the song.” 

While country may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the song should appeal to a wide audience and its upbeat country feel makes it a great dance song. “A bouncy country song in among the many beautiful ballads and house music of the day might be fun for all ages,” says Christine. “And in a world where talented young artists have so much influence on the market, this song will be a great way to reintroduce this genre of music to all ages.

“Waiting For That Heartache’s” accompanying music video, which was filmed In Melkbosstrand, is equally upbeat – it features line dancing and a fun country braai. “We wanted to show people having fun and forgetting about life’s harshness and hardships for a while,” explains the singer. 

The Australian born singer, songwriter, guitarist and recording artist has spent her entire life in the music industry and has a wealth of musical knowledge and industry experience. Inspired by her father, a well-known country singer and guitarist, her career in music just fell into place and she has performed for audiences around the world. 

Christine boasts an impressive range of musical capabilities and has received significant attention for her rhythm guitar work. However, it is her voice that is most celebrated. Her talents also extend to song writing and, much like her performing ability, her songs are cohesively diverse in genre. 

In addition to being an accomplished performer, Christine also ran a large music school in Melbourne, Australia, for 30 years and is a registered singing and music teacher with the Australian College of the Arts.  

With such an impressive and varied career, she finds it difficult to pinpoint a specific career highlight. “If we are talking about accolades, it would be working in London as the chosen vocalist for a recording where the artists were gathered from around the world. Of course, it is also immensely rewarding when someone you have been teaching also reaches great heights. And nothing beats the feeling of someone crying or laughing at the words of your original songs. These are all wonderful experiences that I couldn’t separate.”  

As for what drives her, the answer is simple. “I enjoy entertaining and like making people happy. “Waiting For That Heartache”, with its amusing lyrics and feet-tapping tune, is proof of that.